ECT648ORAW Glass ceramic hob

Glass ceramic hobECT648ORAW

Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 5.4 × 52 cm
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Icon - PowerZone


1,2,3 … cooked!
This function will boost the HiLight cooking zone power by 25 %, allowing you to cook much faster while using less power.
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Best at bread

Become an expert in baking bread
Our ovens combine the characteristics of traditional stone ovens with modern technology and design. The round shapes and the special MultiFlow 360° system enable the heat to be distributed evenly around the food in the oven and they make it possible to cook food at 5 levels at the same time. The combination of classic and innovative characteristics makes the ovens indispensable for everyone who wants to achieve a perfect result every time – especially those WHO want the kind of perfection in their bread that is otherwise only achievable in traditional stone ovens. This is why we say that we are ‘best at bread’.
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Icon - FishZone


Wider pots will find their place
Turning on the FishZone transforms the traditional round cooking zone into a larger oval surface, especially suitable for wider pots.


Enjoy your meal anytime
The StayWarm function keeps food at a constant temperature of 70 °C until the time is right to serve the meal. The food retains its original fl avour and temperature until it is served, so you can take all the time you need.


Now anyone can have the magic touch
Modern sensor technology allows clear and simple touch-control operation literally with your fingertips. The control surface is perfectly smooth and easy to clean.


Never miss the right time
The timer ensures the hob will switch off automatically at the desired time notifiying you with a sound alarm.

Technical details


Soft cut hob edges

Touch control

BoilControl, prevents boil-overs

Timer function

Pause function


StayWarm function


4 HiLight heating zones
Left front: Ø 21 cm, 2.1/3 kW,
Right front: Ø 14.5 cm, 1.2 kW,
Left behind: Ø 14.5 cm, 1.2 kW,
Right behind: Ø 17×26.5 cm, 1.5/2.4 kW

Residual heat indicator


Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 5.4 × 52 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 71.5 × 14.5 × 64 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 56 × 5 × 49 cm

Net weight: 7.7 kg

Gross weight: 8.2 kg

Consumption in standby mode: 0.5 W

Connected load: 6,900 W

Product code: 730786

EAN code: 3838782120893


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